Our surgical program wants to ensure we partner with you in all aspects of your care. We always welcome your feedback and have many avenues for you to participate in shaping the surgical program to meet our patient and community needs. These include:

  • Patient Experience Participant: We have a dedicated volunteer who is our Patient Experience Participant (PEP). This volunteer joins us at quality meetings, reviews patient resources, participates with program planning, answers program questions when requested, and brings a patient voice to our program.
  • Patient rounding: We have implemented patient rounding in all areas of the surgical program. While you are with us, you may be asked to tell us your experience and help us identify if we can improve any part of our program. This request may come from our nurse leaders, management, or senior team members.
  • Bedside hand-off: Inpatients will receive care from many team members around the clock. Part of ensuring we are all meeting your needs and focused on you as an individual is staff hand-off with you at your bedside. This allows you to provide information and give us the opportunity to ensure our vision of your care is aligned with yours.
  • Surgical clinical reviewer follow up: We employ a surgical clinical reviewer who will randomly choose patients to call up to three months after discharge. We may call you to ask about your experience and your care both in hospital and beyond our walls.
  • Patient post-discharge follow-up phone calls: You may receive a post-discharge follow-up phone call from one of our team members to allow you opportunity to share your care experience and assist us in understanding any areas we can improve.
  • Patient relations department: We provide a Patient Relations Department for you to share your compliments, concerns, or any suggestions that would improve your experience in the future.