At Oak Valley Health, we want to ensure we are able to provide inpatient care to our community. Sometimes this requires patients to be transferred to and from partnering facilities or transferred from other cities or countries due to injuries or illness which have occurred while away from home.

Transfer requests are also called repatriation requests, and they must be facilitated and organized between physicians and care teams. This prompts a seamless transition during transfer of care.

The transfer (Repatriation) process to Oak Valley Health

If you are a care team member looking to transfer a patient to the Oak Valley Health community, please connect with us. Our process and contact numbers are provided below.

Here are the steps involved when transferring to Oak Valley Health:

  • Initiate request: If you are transferring to Oak Valley Health from within Ontario, your healthcare facility can send us a CritiCall request. They can call us at 905-472-7000 to reach the on-call physician for the service required. The accepting Oak Valley Health physician will contact our Oak Valley Health bed allocation department.
  • Accepted request: The bed allocation department at Oak Valley Health will connect with your sending facility and request any required information. Contact info for our bed allocation department is 905-472-7000 ext. 1135.
  • Inpatient bed assignment: Our bed allocation department will connect with your sending facility to support the connection between care teams and to ensure you are transferred safely and effectively.