Oak Valley Health is required under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”) to produce an index of Personal Information Banks (PIB) – a description of the collections of personal information (recorded information about an identifiable individual) maintained to support the our programs and activities, where such collections are organized and retrievable by an individual’s name or another identifier.

The Personal Information Bank includes the following:

  • The title and type of the class of records
  • The statute authorizing the collection of personal information
  • The location of this class of records
  • The format of this class of records
  • A description of the type of information that is maintained in this class of records
  • The uses and users of the personal information maintained in this class of records
  • A description of the types of individuals whose information is maintained in this class of records
  • The retention and disposal (how long the information is kept)

The PIB can help individuals formulate clear and defined requests. It is important to remember that while these tools can be useful in defining the types of records held by Oak Valley Health, the records of the organization are subject to FIPPA and may be subject to exemptions and/or exclusions that could limit the amount of information disclosed.

Childbirth and children’s services

Community resources

Corporate Administrative records

Diagnostic Imaging, Cardio Respiratory, and Electrodiagnostic General reports


Health records

Human resources

Incident reports


Occupational Health and Safety

Patient complaints records



Risk management

SARS records

Spiritual and religious care