Integrated Care for Healthier Communities

Our 2024–2029 Strategic Plan: Integrated Care for Healthier Communities focuses on getting patients the care they need, at the right time and in the right place, and on delivering an extraordinary patient experience.

The new five-year Strategic Plan – the first to be entirely web-based – marks the evolution from our Care Beyond Our Walls strategy, which guided us through the pandemic, to integrated care, which brings together different organizations, health care professionals, and service providers to support high-quality, holistic patient care.

We are now setting our sights firmly on the future – our future is the highest quality integrated care.

Our 2024–2029 Strategic Plan was developed with input from front-line staff, patients, families, volunteers, and the communities we serve. 


Integrated care for healthier communities.


Deliver an extraordinary patient experience through our honoured to care culture. 


Integrated care is dependent on us living our values. Our values represent the culture, norms, and attitudes we see reflected wherever we go with our patients, our partners, and each other. By living our values every day, we demonstrate our honoured to care culture in action.