On behalf of Oak Valley Health, we are pleased to share our newly developed 2023-2026 People Plan.

Over the last three years, Oak Valley Health has faced tremendous challenges as we fought the COVID-19 pandemic. As we move forward towards pandemic recovery, like other hospitals across the country, we are faced with a critical health care worker shortage. It is incumbent upon the organization to revisit our health human resources strategy to support our pandemic-weary workforce and address ongoing staffing shortages. We must think outside the box, be creative, and foster the right environment to retain and recruit clinical and non-clinical staff.

After an internal engagement process that connected with all areas of the organization, a literature review, and consultation with external health human resource experts, the strategic direction for Oak Valley Health’s People Plan was determined. The plan is made up of three pillars:

  1. Build a people-centred culture
  2. Develop new ways of working and delivering care
  3. Create a strategic talent management system

We are a high-performing health care organization that serves communities experiencing exponential growth which creates demands and expectations for health care services. We are emerging from a global pandemic which is continuing to cause great strain across the health care system. And, we have a unique “honoured to care” culture that we are proud of and want to preserve.

We want to work quickly and strategically, to put in place the right tactics, programs, investments, and supports to ensure that Oak Valley Health is an employer of choice. This plan serves as a roadmap to get us to that destination.