Providing you with excellent patient care is at the heart of everything we do at Oak Valley Health. Our goal is to provide you and all our patients with the best care every day. We can do this by creating opportunities to support you and all of our staff, physicians, and volunteers on an ongoing basis. We support, develop, and implement strategies to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of our services. We believe that everyone at our Markham Stouffville Hospital, Uxbridge Hospital, and Reactivation Care Centre play a role in enhancing your patient experience.

Essential Caregiver Pilot Program

At Oak Valley Health, we appreciate the impact of family, friends, loved ones, and caregivers on patient experience and safety. It is also our priority to keep patients, staff, and visitors safe. As such, the Essential Caregiver Program was developed to safely reintegrate loved ones in the patients care throughout their hospital journey. The Essential Caregiver Program pilot areas are at Markham Stouffville Hospital (Palliative Care Unit on 1C and Alternate Level of Care on 2C), Uxbridge Hospital, and Reactivation Care Centre.

Patient- and family-centred care

Patient- and family-centred care is an approach to health care that shapes our policies, programs, facility design, and staff day-to-day interactions. Our goal is to make sure our decisions respect your and all our patients’ needs, values, and preferences. Below are our four principles of patient- and family-centred care.

  1. Respect and dignity

    We will treat you and all our patients, staff, and families with respect and dignity. We honour and appreciate your ideas and choices. We recognize you and all our patients, families, and staff as integral members of our overall care environment.
  1. Information sharing

    You and all our patients have the right to receive accurate, relevant, and unbiased information and details. We want you to feel confident in participating in your health care and communicating with the hospital.
  1. Participation

    We want you and all our patients and families/loved ones to feel empowered, and we encourage you to participate in your clinical decision-making. As the patient, you determine which family/loved ones are involved in your care. This decision is not limited to blood ties.
  1. Collaboration

    We are always interested in your feedback, and we include all our patients and their family members to help co-design health care services, develop policies, and evaluate essential programs. We acknowledge and honour the ideas you and all our patients have to offer in ensuring high quality health care for all.

iCARE Program

The concept of iCARE was born from the idea that compassion must be at the heart of everything we do. At Oak Valley Health, we know that excellent medical care is only one part of the picture. Patients and families feel best when care is delivered with empathy, respect, and through good communication. Our iCARE Program serves to make this the standard. All staff undergo iCARE training with a focus on building trust and a connection with our patients and families, because we know recovering is only the beginning of the journey for the family.

We want you to have an extraordinary experience while at our hospitals, and to truly feel we are Honoured to Care.

Scent- and latex-free Environment

Please do not use any perfumes or scents before you come to our hospitals. Our Markham Stouffville Hospital and Uxbridge Hospital are scent-free environments.

Latex can cause a severe allergic reaction. Please do not bring latex balloons to our hospitals. Mylar balloons are acceptable.