Markham Stouffville Hospital

aerial view of Markham Stouffville Hospital

In the 1950s, a group of residents in Markham and Stouffville started raising awareness of the need for care close to home. In the 1960s, a full-fledged fundraising campaign led to a sizeable donation of land from Arthur Latcham. As a result, a hospital corporation was founded in 1968.

The provincial government provided approval for a hospital in Markham in 1982. This was conditional upon a $5 million community contribution as part of the estimated $45 million construction cost. Within 18 months, our generous community met that goal.

Final government approval came in 1985 and construction began in 1987. Oak Valley Health’s Markham Stouffville Hospital opened its doors on March 5, 1990 to a welcoming community of approximately 77,000 members.

front view of Uxbridge Hospital

Since opening, Markham and the surrounding communities saw enormous growth and an increase in the needs of our community. From 2010 to 2014, the hospital underwent a major expansion, doubling its overall size and tripling the size of the Emergency Department. The expansion increased access to numerous services, including surgery, maternal health, and oncology. The hospital is ready to meet the needs of our growing community for years to come.

Uxbridge Hospital

Uxbridge Hospital opened in 1959, with 25 beds and medical, surgical care, emergency, diagnostic, and obstetrical services. In 2004, Oak Valley Health welcomed Uxbridge Hospital as a partner hospital to offer care to the extended community. Since then, many changes have been made in order to keep pace with the growing community and advances in technology. The partnership has helped ensure the best care for people living in Uxbridge and surrounding areas.