Procurement is the process of finding, agreeing terms, and acquiring goods or services from an external source. This is often done through a competitive bidding process.

Oak Valley Health is committed to an open and transparent procurement process as defined by the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive, issued by the BPS Supply Chain Secretariat, a division of the Ontario Ministry of Finance.

All current and historical bids for Oak Valley Health can be found online at Biddingo. You can sign up to receive regular updates on the procurement activity and the procurement partners.

Our primary procurement partner is Mohawk Medbuy, an independent organization dedicated to delivering effective supply chain services for health care. Any vendors interested in providing goods or services for Oak Valley Health should also use Biddingo to view the current Mohawk Medbuy bids to ensure that they are notified of the opportunities available.

We are committed to investigating any complaints related to accounting, internal accounting controls, or auditing matters. If you suspect a violation, please report it online.