Self Check-In

Oak Valley Health offers you more ways to register. In an effort to ensure our diverse communities have options on how they want to register, Oak Valley Health’s Markham Stouffville Hospital has made it easy by offering registration over the phone, through mobile check-in, in-person, and now with on-site kiosks. Learn more.

When making your appointment at Oak Valley Health, we will tell you where at the hospital you should go to have your appointment.

If your MRI appointment at Markham Stouffville Hospital is after hours, download a MRI guide for after-hours appointments to enter the hospital through the Emergency Department.

You are welcome to have one adult companion escort you for scheduled appointments, tests, outpatient procedures, or treatments. For information about bringing a companion to your surgery or outpatient surgery, please see our Family surgical waiting areas or Outpatient surgical clinics pages.

We aim to make everyone comfortable but please keep in mind that the waiting areas can become quite full on some days.

Please note that children (12 and under) are not allowed in the diagnostic testing suites and therefore they should not come with you to the hospital. We are unable to provide supervised care for them while your test or treatment is carried out. Often it is inappropriate for children to come with you to your assessment. There may be delays that could cause young visitors discomfort or distress.

For information on preparation for your specific procedure or appointment, please visit the department’s page under Clinics and Departments.

Scent- and latex-free environment

Please do not use any perfumes or scents before you come. Our hospitals are scent-free environments.

Latex can cause a severe allergic reaction. Please do not bring latex balloons to our hospitals. Mylar balloons are acceptable.