After-hours support is available 24 hours a day by calling switchboard at 905-472-7000 (Markham Stouffville Hospital) or 905-852-9771 (Uxbridge Hospital). Ask to page a spiritual caregiver.

At Oak Valley Health, we encourage you as a patient, family member, or visitor to connect with a spiritual caregiver to support you during your hospital stay. We are here for you. We’re always willing to meet to discuss whatever is on your mind.

If you would like support from a member of your faith community, the Spiritual and Religious Care department can help facilitate this for you. A meditation room is also available at Markham Stouffville Hospital for personal spiritual reflection and religious rituals. Quiet rooms are available for the same purposes at Uxbridge Hospital.

Spiritual and religious care providers

A chaplain is available for spiritual and religious support at Oak Valley Health. A Roman Catholic priest or deacon, as well as Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist support, are also available.