Preparation for surgery begins when the decision to have surgery is made with your surgeon. We will provide you with a pre-operative clinic appointment in our Surgical Assessment Clinic (SAC) to ensure you are safe and ready for your surgery. We will provide you with education materials to help you understand your surgery and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Surgical Assessment Clinic

You will be assessed by a skilled registered nurse in the Surgical Assessment Clinic (SAC) prior to your surgery to ensure your safety during surgery. At your Surgical Assessment Clinic appointment, you will complete all paperwork and any required diagnostic tests. You will receive a consult with an anaesthesiologist and/or medical physician if required for your surgery. The surgeon’s office will schedule this appointment for you.

Inform your surgeon’s secretary if you require special assistance or have special language requirements. We provide interpreters if needed. We also recommend you bring a family member or support person with you to this appointment if needed.

If you live far from our hospitals or do not require any preoperative tests, a video conference or telephone interview can be arranged for you by your surgeon’s office as appropriate.

You must bring a completed Anaesthesia Patient Questionnaire to this appointment, which you will receive from your surgeon’s office. Also please bring a completed medical history (this must be completed by your family physician or surgeon), all of your current medications including any vitamins and herbal supplements, and a medication list from your home pharmacy.

Virtual video visit appointment information for patients

Total joint replacement pre-operative education videos