Our Orthopaedic Joint Assessment Centre (OJAC) provides patients with fast access to an interdisciplinary team. Markham Stouffville Hospital is the first hospital in Ontario to provide orthopaedic care under the under the Ministry of Health’s rapid access centre (RAC) model to people with hip and knee, lower back/spine, shoulder, and foot and ankle joint issues.

The RAC model offers quick consultations with a skilled advance practice physiotherapist who can assess if the individual is a candidate for surgery.

If surgery is the right option, consultation with an orthopedic surgeon is scheduled to discuss next steps. And if surgery is not the best treatment, the patient also can be quickly referred to another practitioner, such as a physiotherapist or sports medicine physician.

In addition, our orthopaedic patient navigator supports patients and families throughout their surgical journey, from consult with the surgeon to post-discharge recovery. The navigator is available to provide support, answer any questions, and coordinate care for patients undergoing hip, knee, or shoulder replacement surgery. You can reach the orthopaedic patient navigator through email orthopaedicnavigator@oakvalleyhealth.ca or by phone at 905-472-7373 ext. 6105.

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Going home after outpatient Orthopaedic surgery

For legal reasons and for your own personal safety, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult after receiving anaesthesia or sedation. If the person driving you home is not waiting at the hospital, give the nurse a phone number where they can be reached. Your ride should be available to pick you up as early as 1.5 hours after the end of your surgery.

If you take a taxi or bus home, ensure there is a family member or friend to accompany you.

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