Before you go home, you will be given discharge and after care instructions for the kind of procedure you had done. We have also provided this discharge information below.

Abdominal drain insertionKidney renal biopsyPortacath insertion
Abscess drain insertionLiver pancreas abdominal biopsyPortacath removal
Abscess drainageLumbar punctureThoracentesis
Biliary drain stent insertionLung chest biopsyTransesophageal echocardiogram
Biopsy (generic)Lymph node biopsyTunneled abdominal drain insertion
G-tube changeNephrostomy tube changeTunneled abdominal drain removal
G-tube insertionNephrostomy tube insertionTunneled pleural drain insertion
Intravenous (IV) sedationParacentesisTunneled pleural drain removal
IVC filter insertionPICC line insertionUterine artery embolization
IVC filter removalPleural drain insertionVaricocele embolization

After your procedure, let us know how your visit went. We aim to make all patient experiences in our department great ones!

Accessing Your Images After a Diagnostic Procedure

In continued efforts around reducing the spread of COVID-19, we now support the remote release of diagnostic images online through PocketHealth.

This service may grant access to your images by others such as a new doctor or family members. You can send an invitation by email, fax, or a printed page, or by downloading the images to a device or computer and then saving them to a USB stick or CD. Access to your diagnostic images will become available within the same day the exam has been finalized by a radiologist.

Patients can sign up using their computer, cell phone, or tablet. Sign up now.

There is a registration fee to create your PocketHealth account and this includes a download of all previous imaging done at Oak Valley Health. Each time you undergo future additional imaging you will receive a notice from PocketHealth advising that you have new imaging available for download. Each future download will also cost a fee.

For frequent users there is also an optional annual subscription rate. This unique plan is available for up to 5 family members, and expands your access to include imaging you may have had done at any of the hospitals or clinics who have partnered with PocketHealth. Learn more about this option.

For any assistance with accessing your images online please contact PocketHealth directly.

Important to remember – accessing images can only be done through PocketHealth.

To learn more about accessing your reports and other information from your hospital chart, see Patient Connect.