A methacholine test is a completely safe breathing test that is used to determine the extent of your airway reactivity. This test is ordered if you have completed a normal pulmonary function test yet require further diagnosis to investigate symptoms.

The methacholine test is performed by a registered respiratory therapist (RRT). The RRT will guide and coach you through this test.

Patients must be at least eight years of age to have this test done.

To have a methacholine test, your doctor needs to fill out a requisition form. Download methacholine test requisition form.

Find out more about this procedure in our methacholine test brochure.

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Before and During Your Methacholine Test

Your physician and/or our patient scheduling centre will give you detailed instructions and tell you what asthma medications to stop taking prior to the test.

During your test, the RRT will guide and coach you through a series of breathing tests. You will be in a glass booth that has a door. You will have a nose clip and mouthpiece. You will be asked to take deep breaths in and out while performing the tests.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Methacholine Test