Diagnostic services at Uxbridge Hospital can serve many of the medical, surgical, and obstetrical needs of the community.

We offer a full complement of services and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment such as:

We offer rapid access to appointments. Imaging technologists and radiologists are available 24/7 to meet emergency-related imaging requirements.

Results are shared with your health care provider immediately using secure information technology.

Appointments for Diagnostic Services at Uxbridge Hospital

A physician referral is required to make an appointment for all procedures and testing in diagnostic services. All services are covered by OHIP, except a blood pressure monitor test.

To make an appointment in diagnostic services at Uxbridge Uxbridge or to reschedule, cancel, or confirm your appointment, please call 905-852-9771 ext. 5249.

Arriving for Diagnostic Services at Uxbridge Hospital

Please arrive at diagnostic services 15 minutes before your test, or at the time given when booking your test. Please bring your health card with you. Once you have registered, you will be directed to the appropriate waiting room for your test or procedure.

Copies of Test Images

Arrangements to have a CD burned with your diagnostic images can be done Monday – Friday, from 7:30 a.m. – 6:45 p.m. The CD will be burned based on your specific requirements and may take up to 30 minutes while you wait. The CD costs $10 – payment by debit or credit is preferred.

You will need to sign a consent form before we can release your images. Download the Consent to Release Personal Health Information from a Diagnostic System Record form.

Before picking up your diagnostic images, please read Requesting Images on CD.


We now offer patients and their families access to their medical imaging records online.

Once you register for access, you can view your entire medical imaging history, share imaging instantly with any physician or even burn your own CD/USB from home. There is a fee at the time of enrollment which includes permanent access to all previous imaging and radiologist reports as well as any new exams you undergo over the following two weeks. You can update your accounts with new Oak Valley Health records via PocketHealth.

You can access the online form to enroll or visit PocketHealth’s FAQs to learn more about online access.