Clinical trials are a type of clinical research that involve an intervention that could be a drug, a procedure or a device, or a change to someone’s lifestyle such as exercise or diet.

Clinical trials are used to determine safety and effectiveness of treatments, devices, and procedures. In Canada, clinical trials are conducted with oversight from a research ethics board and Health Canada when applicable.

Why participate in a clinical trial?

There are many reasons why you might choose to take part in a clinical trial. By participating, you may help researchers find:

  • The safest options by monitoring treatment closely and watching for side effects, researchers will learn if the treatment is safe.
  • The best treatments by comparing two or more treatments, researchers will learn which treatment works better.
  • The right uses by finding new ways and methods to use existing treatments, researchers may advance medicine.
  • The right patients by testing in different groups of people such as the elderly and children, researchers will learn who will benefit the most.

Oak Valley Health is a participating member of the Network of Networks (N2). Please review the It Starts With Me campaign to learn more about participating in clinical trials.