You can help build a campus of care in Uxbridge

For more than 60 years, Uxbridge Hospital has provided our community with world-class health care that is personal, compassionate and designed to meet the unique needs of a small-town, rural population. And we at Uxbridge Hospital Foundation (UHF) are committed to raising support to ensure these needs continue to be met, close to home.

From lifelong residents to welcome newcomers, local businesses and organizations to people who are simply passionate about rural health care, our generous donors make it possible for our hospital-and the physicians, nurses and staff who work there-to put patients first with new medical equipment, renovations and other special projects.

Now, as we prepare to build a new hospital for a new era, we are inviting you to join us in creating a brighter future for Uxbridge, your family, your health and all of us. 

Our current needs

For Uxbridge Hospital, critical investments in medical equipment and technology mean we can continue providing the best possible care to our community. By giving our physicians, nurses, and staff the latest-and-greatest tools, we can keep our hospital and the care we provide up to pace with the innovations taking place at larger, urban hospitals.

Here are our hospital’s highest-priority needs that you can support today:

Program areaName of item2023/24 amount
LaboratoryTwo ultrasound machines$520,200
Clinical ServicesBladder scanner$16,009
LaboratoryESR automated analyzer$9,690
Clinical ServicesVSCAN handheld U/S device$9,051
Contingency Funding$50,000

News and stories

A mother and father snuggle on the couch with their four young children. All are wearing matching pajamas.

From unexpected emergency to extraordinary care

A hospital staff member stands next to and looks at the screen of a new Phillips monitor. He is standing next to the bed and wearing a mask.

New donor-funded technology with lifesaving impact

Portrait style photo of John and Patricia McCutcheon, John wearing a suit and Patricia a white shirt in front of a grey backdrop.

Paying it forward for Uxbridge with a lasting legacy

An artistic representation of the new Uxbridge Hospital. An aerial view.

One step closer to construction

Past stories

Upcoming events

Music for Ux

Featuring Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy

Uxbridge Hospital Foundation is pleased to present Music for Ux on April 12 at Uxbridge Music Hall.

The entertainment world is filled with extraordinary stories. But few match the beguiling true-life tale of Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy, Canada’s reigning couple of Celtic music, whose dazzling career achievements underpin an incomparable off-stage life.

A new hospital for a new era

In partnership with the provincial government, Oak Valley Health and Uxbridge Hospital Foundation are embarking on a new paradigm of community health through a transformational $50-million campaign to support the redevelopment of our beloved hospital. 

With a nearly five-times-larger footprint, an improved infrastructure with modern, vibrant and functional spaces, and an expanded and enhanced suite of premium health care services, this outstanding new Uxbridge Hospital will drive health and prosperity in the region—today, tomorrow and beyond.

Our new campus of care will be equipped with 25% more patient beds and allow us to accommodate thousands more emergency visits, diagnostic imaging tests and laboratory interventions each year. 

But this transformation will not be possible without the support of our community and donors like you. Not only can you play a role in the construction of this new facility, but also furnishing this space with the equipment, furniture and fixtures needed to meet modern accessibility, sustainability, safety and care standards.

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