Our Uxbridge physicians—many of whom are local residents themselves—care for our patients through some of their most difficult moments, bringing them hope, comfort, and confidence in their health care. 

To show our appreciation to these dedicated professionals, the Uxbridge Hospital Foundation has mobilized one-of-a-kind supports to help them continue building their careers locally while nurturing opportunities for future generations of medical talent to set down roots here – all with the help of generous community support.

One method is through their continuing medical education. This annual training ensures they are in the best position possible to provide exemplary care by further honing their skills. However, it also comes with a significant cost. The Foundation reimburses some of these expenses, allowing physicians to fully immerse themselves in these opportunities.

“This program is driving an influx of medical expertise here in Uxbridge, encouraging our physicians to go above and beyond in their continuing education and bringing a new level of skill to our community,” shared Dr. Tesha Casella.

To lay the groundwork for our community’s future, the Foundation also supports opportunities to engage with up-and-coming medical students. Through programs like the Rural Ontario Medical Program, Uxbridge hosts students for a week of rural medicine exposure alongside local physicians, who volunteer their time to teach and talk with students about living and working in Uxbridge.

“We are incredibly grateful to the community partners who have invested in our physicians, both present and future,” shared Michele Varela, Executive Director, Uxbridge Hospital Foundation. “Together, we are creating a worthwhile destination where they can dedicate their careers.”

This story was written by Uxbridge Hospital Foundation.