Story written by Uxbridge Hospital Foundation.

Diamond Schmitt supporting design work for new hospital

Following the provincial government’s approval in 2022 to build the new hospital on the existing site, the project received approval to secure a design architect and develop the full plan for the new facility. The design process is expected to take approximately one year and, once complete, will be followed by the next stage of government approval to proceed with construction on the new campus.

In June 2023, distinguished and award-winning Canadian firm Diamond Schmitt was selected as the architect for this project. Design meetings are currently ongoing, with Oak Valley Health pushing for construction to begin in fall 2025. At the same time, early construction on specific elements of the project will begin prior to this intended start date to ensure the hospital is in the best possible position when the green light is received.

Temporary helipad location determined

During construction of the new Uxbridge Hospital, access to the helipad located on the existing property (for air ambulance transportation of patients) will not be permitted due to the surrounding construction activities. After an in-depth assessment, it was determined that to continue access to air ambulance services during construction of the new hospital, a temporary location within Uxbridge would be required and has since been confirmed.

The temporary location is within The Fields of Uxbridge located approximately three kilometres from the hospital. The final location of the helipad at the new hospital will be on the rooftop of the hospital building, allowing for enhanced patient transport services.

Introducing our campaign cabinet

Working together for the future of Uxbridge and its hospital

The campaign for Uxbridge Hospital is quickly getting underway. As with any campaign of this size and scale, our success rests largely on the shoulders of the people we have in our corner. From our patients and their families, to our incredible team of physicians, nurses, and staff, to our generous donors and passionate volunteers—it is people who remain at the core of our community hospital and who will drive the support needed to build our new hospital. Now, we are thrilled to welcome our Campaign Cabinet to this historic effort.

An illustrious group of volunteers, the Campaign Cabinet have stepped up to put their time, energy, and expertise towards advancing our cause and the redevelopment of our Uxbridge Hospital—because this is also their community and it is also their hospital! From local business owners to politicians, physicians to members of the agricultural community, these individuals are deeply invested in the future of Uxbridge. And despite our fundraising campaign still being in the quiet phase, our Cabinet is working diligently to meet with individuals, organizations, and corporations within the community who are interested in partnering with the Foundation and who have the potential for significant support.

We look forward to sharing more with you about the work and successes of our Campaign Cabinet in the months to come as we move closer to our official campaign launch!

A version of this story appeared in Uxbridge Hospital Foundation’s spring 2024 newsletter Our Community. Your Impact.