Respect – Sandi Lofgren (she/her), patient care director

What her nominator had to say:

“Sandi always comes with thoughtful questions, listens, and values the insight provided. I am always happy to meet with Sandi as I know our interactions are going to be respectful and supportive, and we will come to a mutually agreed upon solution. I have always felt valued and respected, regardless of my role. It is a pleasure to work with Sandi, moving our work forward effectively and collaboratively. Thank you Sandi for being such a wonderful colleague to work with.”

Trust – Laura Jackson (she/her) and Lori Dunn (she/her), staff and physician wellness leaders

What their nominator had to say:

“Laura and Lori are the dynamic duo who make up Oak Valley Health’s staff and physician wellness team. They make themselves available seven days a week, providing in-person, virtual, and phone support to staff and physicians, clinical and non-clinical, at Markham Stouffville Hospital, Uxbridge Hospital and the Reactivation Care Centre. Each month they connect with over 500 – yes 500! – staff and physicians via one-to-one counselling, huddles, rounding, debriefs and group facilitation. They are trusted confidants who work with staff to build coping skills and problem-solve through work and non-work related challenges, with support and dignity. They have cemented themselves as trusted and valued wellness leaders in our organization.”

Commitment – Joan Bordash (she/her), registered nurse

What her nominators had to say:

“I have been personal witness to Joan’s commitment and approach to providing supports to new mothers and their families such as information resources and emotional support. She is a pivotal team player, communicating with other members of the team as required such as the paediatrician, social worker, and extended family members to support newborn growth and well being, as well as support the mother’s emotional journey in what can be a challenging first few days postpartum. When a mother needs help, Joan pulls out all the stops; if the patient spots are full, Joan sacrifices her own personal time and fits them in on her lunch or before and after regular clinic hours.”

Compassion – Joyce Tan (she/her), physiotherapist

What her nominator had to say:

“Not only does Joyce provide physiotherapy services for her patients, she goes above and beyond by helping the patients out with other needs, beyond her job duties. By doing this, she does not only provide compassionate care for the patients, but also lightens the load for the nurses and patient service associates when it gets busy, truly contributing to a collaborative, team-based environment.”

Courage – Fatima Rigor (she/her), patient flow coordinator

What her nominator had to say:

“Fatima embodies the value of courage through her daily interactions with families. Fatima’s role consists of working with patients, families and care teams to plan timely and effective discharge plans. She sometimes needs to have difficult conversations with patients and their families, but does so while staying composed and acting with respect. Fatima often deals with people experiencing fear and doubt, but she perseveres with confidence and sympathy and helps empower patients and families to feel brave in approaching new challenges they may face.”