Len Pierce, seen from the chest up, wearing a blue plaid shirt and smiling

RESPECT – Len Pierce, Crisis Worker, Mental Health

What his nominator had to say:
“Len shows the utmost respect and never falters in his approach, despite the acuity of any situation. He has a calming presence that is very evident when dealing with difficult circumstances and his focus and concern always put the integrity of the patient first.”

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Kristi Lipton, seen from the chest up, wearing a black cardigan, long red hair, and smiling

TRUST – Kristi Lipton, Unit Secretary

What her nominator had to say:

“Without Kristi, I seriously don’t know if I would be as happy as I am today. She goes out of her way to listen to what is going on in my life, and she can just tell that something is off. She is always there to lead me the right way and to encourage me, as well as for anyone at MSH, whether it’s a volunteer, co-worker, or patient.”

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Neil Sweeney, seen from the chest up, wearing a blue plaid shirt, glasses, short grey hair and moustache, and smiling

COMMITMENT – Neil Sweeney, Volunteer

What his nominator had to say:

“While volunteers are only required to provide a minimum commitment of one shift per week, Neil often volunteers for two to three shifts per week. What’s more, he commonly covers other volunteer’s shifts when they are on vacation or sick. In addition to being such a dedicated volunteer, it’s Neil’s caring and compassionate towards our patients that stands out. He’s highly valued by the staff and physicians in the Chemotherapy Clinic where he volunteers, and his warm personality and humour have comforted many patients, adding to their overall experience.”

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Dr. Christyne Peters, seen from the chest up, wearing an MSH heroes t-shirt, short red hair, and smiling

COMPASSION – Dr. Christyne Peters, Obstetrican/Gynaecologist

What her nominator had to say:

“Dr. Peters has made an impact in my life on both a personal and professional level. Although I’ve seen countless examples of how compassionate Dr. Peters is, it really hit home when I was going through a tough time in my life dealing with a family medical crisis. Dr. Peters was like an angel during that time and gave me so much support, all unexpected and all so heartfelt. She goes above and beyond in spending time to listen, getting others on board to help, and figuring out what meaningful help would look like. Dr. Peters also goes to great lengths to organize a care plan that meets a patient’s needs, engaging others and putting the patient first. We all need someone like her in our lives and to find it here in our work family is a true blessing.”

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Carol Cameron, seen from the chest up, wearing a brown cardigan, short brown hair, and smiling

COURAGE – Carol Cameron, Executive Director, Alongside Midwifery Unit

What her nominator had to say:

“Carol put her personal and professional reputation on the line to achieve something most thought at the outset was impossible. In developing the AMU, she led a bold new endeavour at MSH that was riddled with barriers, but allowed all of us as leaders to give ourselves the permission to take a risk and a calculated, but courageous, leap to support our staff, patients, and community in the future. Her courage is contagious and propels others to excellence to achieve a dream.”

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