Respiratory therapy services are provided by registered respiratory therapists (RRTs), who are a highly trained team of regulated health care professionals.

Types of Care Offered by Respiratory Therapy

RRTs provide 24/7 coverage throughout the hospital to all ages – newborns, children, and adults. They provide patient care in critical care areas, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Emergency Department, operating rooms, and all patient care units.

The RRTs care for patients by:

  • Delivering oxygen therapy and bronchodilator treatments to make breathing easier
  • Providing education to patients on lung disease and medications
  • Managing advanced life support and ventilation for critically ill patients
  • Performing CPR as members of the cardiac arrest team
  • Caring for mom and baby while attending high-risk newborn deliveries
  • Assisting with anaesthesia in the operating room

RRTs provide diagnostic and educational services in the outpatient clinics including Pulmonary Function Lab, Asthma Education Centre, COPD Clinic, sleep diagnostics and treatment, and CPAP Clinic.