Markham Stouffville Hospital opportunities


Volunteers in a clinical role help improve the quality of patient care by supporting the medical staff in their day-to-day operations and assisting patients and families throughout the unit. Volunteer tasks may include: interacting with patients, restocking supplies, assisting staff with errands, and other tasks as assigned to help the unit run smoothly and allow staff to focus more time on patient care.


Volunteers assigned to this area can do many support role tasks such as greet, guide, and offer assistance to patients and visitors for directions throughout the hospital. Volunteers can also provide information, support, and comfort to families when loved ones are in procedure. They can also assist in administrative departments in paperwork, filing, organization, errands, and other clerical duties as needs.

Reactivation Care Centre opportunities


Music volunteers provide an engaging musical experience to patients at Reactivation Care Centre. They help to create a positive environment for the patients by providing an engaging and comforting experience to patients through music therapy.

We also have volunteer opportunities in our Patient Experience Participant program and at Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation.

If you have a very specific interest, you should indicate this on your application. Please understand that we are not always able to fulfill your request for a placement.

Our vacancy list changes on a daily basis. When we invite you in for an interview, we will discuss our current vacancies and try to find a position that matches your interests, skill set, and availability.