Women’s Wellness offers group programs to support women’s health by providing therapies to improve quality of life. Using different methods, the clinic aims to improve women’s sense of personal well being, strengthen focus and mental flexibility, manage difficult emotions, promote self awareness, and distinguish healthy from unhealthy coping.

These services are available to patients of Oak Valley Health across all departments including childbirth, cancer care (oncology), surgery, and mental health. These services are provided virtually via zoom. Offered Sessions include:

Art Therapy Group

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of art making to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Using imagery, color, and shapes as part of a creative therapeutic process, thoughts and feelings can be expressed that would otherwise be difficult to articulate. This group is held two hours weekly for 8 weeks.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Group

The MBSR program provides training in guided mediation, gentle stretching, and yoga. Participants will meet weekly and use these skills in their daily life. MBSR aims to address the unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that may increase stress and undermine your health. In MBSR individuals strive to cultivate greater awareness of the present moment and gain a deeper sense of calm. Research has proven that MBSR can benefit individuals dealing with: anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress, fatigue, anger, headaches, high blood pressure, and sleep problems. This group is offered two hours weekly for 8 weeks.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy Group (IPT)

IPT supports the theory that psychological symptoms such as depression usually occurs in a social and interpersonal context and can be understood as a response to current difficulties in relationships, role transitions, and grief and loss. The main focus of IPT is on relationship problems and on helping clients identify how they are feeling and behaving in their relationships. When a person is able to deal with a relationship problem more effectively their psychological symptoms often improve. This group is held two hours weekly for 14 weeks.

Postpartum Depression

The group supports women who have either been identified or who are at risk of depression and/or anxiety prior to or following the birth of their child. Every week, CBT concepts will be introduced in an effort to highlight the interconnection of thoughts, feelings, and behaviour to promote self awareness and distinguish healthy from unhealthy thoughts. Topics of discussion include: symptoms and risk factors of depression, anxiety, expectations, life and role transitions, self esteem, self-care, communication, and identity formation following the birth of a child. This group is held two hours weekly for 8 weeks.

How to access these services:

We are able to meet the needs of our growing community through these services thanks to the support from our generous donors and funds raised by the SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for Women.