The Breast Health Centre at Oak Valley Health’s Markham Stouffville Hospital is a model of patient-centred care, meaning the health system revolves around the patient. If you require assessment or treatment at the Breast Health Centre, rest assured we have the most advanced screening tools and an expert team of health specialists. We deliver “one-stop” coordinated care in a setting built for your comfort and privacy.

Family physicians directly refer patients with a high suspicion of breast cancer to our centre, eliminating any possible delays in patient care. Download Breast Health Centre referral form.

About the Breast Health Centre

Our newly renovated Breast Health Centre has six consult rooms, one family meeting room, one nurse assessment room, and two dictation spaces for physicians. The new Centre will improve the flow and traffic within the clinic for the over 4,000 patients that visit each year.

The Centre was designed to be a unique healing space promoting calmness. It boasts beautiful wall wraps depicting nature and water around the Centre and in the exam rooms, modern and natural lighting throughout, and a fireplace in the waiting room.

We offer nursing assessment, mammogram, ultrasound biopsy, a surgeon consult and surgery if needed, and patient education resources.

The Breast Health Centre has also partnered with the Ontario Breast Screening Program which includes the new High Risk Screening for women who are at higher risk for breast cancer.

Our health care providers include a team of pathologists, family physicians, nurses, mammography technologists, radiologists, ultrasound technologists, surgeons, social workers, coordinators, unit secretaries, and volunteers trained in the needs associated with our patients.

Surgeons are specially trained doctors who can surgically remove breast cancer cells or tumours if needed. If you require treatment with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, the surgeon will refer you to a medical oncologist for assessment. The medical oncologist will discuss care with you and your family and refer you to a radiation oncologist if needed.

The surgeons can be reached in the Breast Health Centre at 905-472-7606.

Meet our surgeons in the Breast Health Centre