As part of our efforts to deliver high quality care in new and innovative ways during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are proud to introduce virtual visit capabilities for patients to safely and securely connect with their health care provider through Patient Connect. This video visit service offering currently exists for a number of our outpatient services.

Are you scheduled and getting ready for an upcoming virtual visit with one of your health care providers, but aren’t sure what to expect? Take a look at these common questions and answers below.

What’s a Virtual Visit Like?

A virtual visit is a live, secure, video-based conversation with your health care provider. Your experience will be similar to a Skype or FaceTime chat you might have with a family member, but with the capability for you to continue many aspects of your care with your health care provider from the comfort of your own home.

What Technology Do I Need for a Virtual Visit?

  1. A device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer) with a built-in camera or a webcam
  2. Access to Patient Connect (via the mHealth app or the web-based Patient Connect portal)
  • Patient Connect is compatible with most web browsers. We recommend using Safari (Apple products only), Google Chrome, or Firefox.
  1. A strong, stable internet connection
  • It is recommend you test your connection prior to your virtual visit using the online tool at:
  • Ask family members at home to refrain from streaming TV, YouTube videos, or playing online games while a virtual visit is taking place.

How Do I Prepare For the Visit?

There are a few things you can do to prepare for your visit to make sure you get the most out of the time with your provider.

  • Prepare a physical space for the visit. Choose a quiet space that is free from distractions, ideally a room with carpet to minimize echo.
  • Set your camera at eye level for a full view of your face. If you’re using a phone or tablet, lean it against something so you don’t have to hold it.
  • Adjust your lighting and close any blinds. Try to make sure there is no light or window directly behind the camera to avoid glare.
  • During your visit, your provider may need to examine you. Be prepared to adjust your camera and be prepared to follow your provider’s instructions.
  • Make sure you have any materials you need ready before your visit, including a list of any questions you have for your provider.
  • Gather all of your medications so you have them available.
  • And to ensure the technical side of the visit goes smoothly, make sure you’re ready to use Patient Connect.
  • Please be on time for your visit. We recommend you log on up to 30 minutes before your visit, and wait in the virtual waiting room for your provider.

What Happens if the Provider Disconnects from the Virtual Visit Prematurely?

If for some reason your health care provider disconnects from the virtual visit, please wait for them to re-join. Do not disconnect until your provider has informed you that the visit is complete.

What Happens After the Virtual Visit?

Similar to a face-to-face visit, your appointment will be documented and added to the visit history along with any accompanying reports in Patient Connect portal.