Amidst the perpetual bustle of Emergency Departments, clinics, and hospitals, nurses serve as steadfast pillars of support and healing. Every year, Oak Valley Health’s Nursing Week Awards pay tribute to the nurses whose contributions have made a profound impact on patients, colleagues, and the organization.

Collage image of the Oak Valley Health's nursing week awards at Markham Stouffville Hospital featuring a photo of the audiences at the lower link lobby, a second photo of staff picking up cakes, a third photo of the CEO, Jo-anne Marr, speaking with a microphone with another staff and a fourth photo of the award winners with Terri McEwan,  Vice President, Clinical Programs and Chief Nurse Executive (CNE) of Oak Valley Health

Let’s take a closer look at the winners of this year’s nursing awards.

Professional Practice Rising Star Award

Tina Chan, RN, Emergency Department, Uxbridge Hospital

An insert image of Oak Valley Health's nursing week awards winner - Tina Chan - who is, registered nurse of the Emergency Department at Uxbridge Hospital

The Rising Star Award is presented to a novice nurse who has less than two years of nursing experience and in this short time frame has stood out. A rising star is one who exemplifies passion for their work and is making a large impact in a short time.

Tina’s journey in nursing highlights the essence of a rising star – in a short period of time, Tina has demonstrated an unwavering passion for nursing and has made a significant impact on both her patients and colleagues. As a valued member of the Emergency Department (ED) at Uxbridge Hospital, Tina’s commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of her work. Known for her enthusiasm and steadfast dedication, Tina goes above and beyond to create a positive and healing environment for her patients.

 In addition to her clinical competency and bravery, coming all the way from Hong Kong, Tina has been a source of inspiration and support for her colleagues. Her spirit and willingness to share insights “from home” fosters a positive and fun work environment.

Tina’s colleagues describe her as a source of inspiration and support, always ready to share insights. Through her leadership qualities, Tina always strives to create a healing environment where patients and her team feel valued and cared for.

Professional Practice Award for Excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice

Ingrid Wiltshire-Stoby, NP, Outpatient Mental Health

An insert image of Oak Valley Health's nursing week awards winner - Ingrid Wiltshire-Stoby who is an nurse practitioner at the Outpatient Mental Health department of Markham Stouffville Hospital

The Award for Excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice provides an opportunity for nurses to identify and honour colleagues who are exemplary models of nursing practice. Outstanding clinical nursing practice is demonstrated by a consistently exceptional level of performance in the specific areas of: clinical practice, interpersonal relationships and communication skills, and role modelling.

Ingrid is a perfect example of the transformative power of dedication and innovation in clinical nursing practice. Beginning her journey with Oak Valley Health in 2008, she quickly created her mark through her commitment to serving patients with complex needs in mental health settings. Over the years, Ingrid’s leadership and dedication have been instrumental in shaping outpatient mental health care.

As the first nurse practitioner in the adult Outpatient Mental Health program, Ingrid’s impact on the department is huge. Right from creating a patient roadmap for rapid psychiatric access to collaborating with psychiatric groups, she has been the catalyst of growth.

“Ingrid not only listened to what I was expressing but also to what I struggled to articulate. She truly understood me, and for the first time in years, I felt genuinely heard. Her kindness and gentleness provided me with the support I needed to seek help,” says one of her patients.

Robert J. Gall Award of Excellence

Susan Ng RN, APN, EYRND OHT Seniors Home Support Program

An insert image of Oak Valley Health's nursing week awards winner - Susan Ng who is a RN and APN for the EYRND OHT Seniors Home Support Program

Dr. Gall was an obstetrician/gynaecologist at Markham Stouffville Hospital. Always responding to challenges with warmth, care, and a commitment to providing the best health care possible. The Robert J. Gall Award was implemented in 2009 to recognize nursing excellence at the bedside. The recipient of this award reflects all the qualities that Bob not only held himself, but what he envisioned for the nursing profession.

This award acknowledges excellence in clinical nursing practice for a nurse – whether an RN, RPN, NP or APN – who is actively involved in direct patient care, exemplifying nursing knowledge, skill, leadership, compassion, and advocacy.

Susan’s journey highlights the essence of clinical nursing practice, setting a standard of care that is both compassionate and innovative. As an advanced practice nurse for the Eastern York Region North Durham Ontario Health Team (EYRND OHT) Seniors Home Support program, Susan’s clinical knowledge and skills are unmatched.

Her proactive approach to proposing patient-centred solutions and implementing quality improvement initiatives has led to tangible improvements in patient care and outcomes. Susan’s dedication extends beyond the clinical setting, as evidenced by her visits to patients in the ED and hospital, providing comfort and support during difficult times. She is a true advocate for her patients and a shining example of excellence in nursing practice.

By honouring Tina, Ingrid, and Susan, we celebrate not only their achievements but also the collective spirit of excellence that defines the nursing profession. They are a source of inspiration for patients and their colleagues.

Left to right: Tina Chan, Susan Ng, Ingrid Wiltshire-Stoby

Join us in congratulating all the winners and in thanking each and every nurse working at Oak Valley Health for their support and care, laying the foundation for a brighter and healthier tomorrow.