Congratulations to our 2023 Nursing Week Awards recipients! Each year, we ask our staff to nominate their peers who they feel are most deserving of recognition and celebration during National Nursing Week. This year, we acknowledged Franco Ng for the Rising Star Nursing Award, Sue Bonk for the Award for Excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice, and Pallas Chan for the Robert J. Gall Award.

“Rising Star Nursing Award”

Franco Ng, Medicine/Oncology

This award is presented to a novice nurse who has stood out with less than two years of nursing experience. A rising star is one who exemplifies passion for their work and is making a large impact in a short time.

Franco has quickly made his mark as an integral member of the 3E team (medicine/oncology). Highly motivated, Franco has shown great improvement in his practice as new graduate nurse. He goes above and beyond for his patients and is not afraid to advocate for them.

Image of Franco ng holding flowers at the nursing award ceremony

He is currently a falls and palliative care champion for the unit and is always looking for new opportunities and committees to help improve the unit.

Franco demonstrates empathy, compassion and is the true meaning of what it means to have the calling to be a nurse.

Award for Excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice

Sue Bonk, Diabetes Education Centre

The Award for Excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice provides an opportunity for nurses to identify and honour colleagues who demonstrate exceptional levels of performance in the specific areas of clinical practice, interpersonal relationships and communication skills, and role modelling.

Sue is an inpatient diabetes educator, known for her expert knowledge, respectful and caring demeanour, and unique and effective teaching methods. She is very approachable and is always available to answer questions and/or help problem solve in a friendly, non-judgemental manner. Following the orientation of a new graduate nurse, Sue has made a tremendous effort to ensure that the new graduate nurse’s knowledge and critical thinking are reflective of good clinical practice.

Image of Sue Bonk holding flowers at the nursing award ceremony

Sue is also an advocate for patients, ensuring they are receiving the support they need with specialist referrals and medication changes. Her ability to foster nurse-patient relationships is evident to anyone who has observed her interactions with patients.

It is not just her intelligence, but also the way she cares and dedicates time to her colleagues, that inspires the new generation of nurses to become a well-rounded nurse like herself.

Robert. J. Gall Award

Pallas Chan, ICU

Dr. Gall was an obstetrician/gynaecologist at Markham Stouffville Hospital. Always responding to challenges with warmth, care, and a commitment to providing the best health care possible, he implemented the Robert J. Gall Award in 2009 to recognize nursing excellence at the bedside. The recipient of this award reflects all the qualities that Bob not only held himself, but what he envisioned for the nursing profession.

This award acknowledges excellence in clinical nursing practice for a nurse – whether an RN, RPN, NP or APN – who is actively involved in direct patient care, exemplifying nursing knowledge, skill, leadership, compassion, and advocacy.

Pallas is an orienter, CCRT, dialysis and charge nurse all at once. She displays excellent leadership by stepping up for opportunities – volunteering to take admissions, to be on the code team, to do different procedures, and always cares for a variety of patients with complex medical diagnoses. She effectively demonstrates the true meaning of patient/family partner and advocate.

Not only is Pallas an intelligent person, but she is also able to apply her knowledge and skills in virtually any situation regardless of how stressful or fast-paced it may be.

Image of Pallas Chan holding flowers at the nursing award ceremony

It’s no surprise then, that Pallas is a positive role model and a collaborative interdisciplinary team player.

She knows everyone on the unit, and if she does not, she makes sure she does, fostering healthy team dynamics that contribute to positive patient outcomes.

Pallas is the kind of leader that people would voluntarily follow even if she had no title or position.

She leads by example and exemplifies nursing excellence.