There is nothing worse than having a sick child. All parents and caregivers know the feeling when you can’t do anything to make them feel better. That pit-of-your-stomach numbness.

You just want to make sure your child is OK. And we get it.

When Preston Rego was feeling sick with a cough, runny nose, congestion, and shortness of breath, his mom, Kate Rego, wanted an expert opinion about what could be causing his symptoms – and how she could make Preston feel like his normal self again.

Kate turned to the “short wait and friendly staff” at the COVID-19, Cold, and Flu Care Clinic (CCFCC).

“We were ready to go to the Emergency Department at the hospital, but dreaded the wait” says Kate. “I saw there was a clinic at the hospital and decided to go there. It’s a great option. Just book an appointment and you’re good to go.”

In partnership with Eastern York Region North Durham Ontario Health Team, the CCFCC focuses on paediatric patients and their families and our team is ready to assess, diagnose, and treat young patients (or anyone over the age of six months) who are experiencing respiratory symptoms.

Jada Myers in full PPE inside the CCFCC.
Jada Myers, team lead for the CCFCC.

“Patients should visit the CCFCC if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and/or other respiratory illness, at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19, or unable to access their family doctor,” says Jada Myers, team lead for the CCFCC.

“It’s a really great resource for our community, offering assessments, testing, and therapeutics and it’s also available for patients with respiratory symptoms like asthma. Booking is easy, done online, and allows same-day appointments, we’re located in a very convenient location next to parking and the new Cornell Bus Terminal, and, if required, we can complete COVID-19 testing directly on-site.”

You must book an appointment to get an assessment, a COVID-19 test, or receive therapeutics at the COVID-19, Cold, and Flu Care Clinic (CCFCC) at Oak Valley Health’s Markham Stouffville Hospital.


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