This section will provide nursing students with information related to the most common questions asked by those individuals coming to Oak Valley Health for their clinical placements. A detailed compilation of information for students is available through your placement coordinator.

Student Groups (Instructor-Led)


Students must complete onboarding and will receive a registration email from MSHNirvsystem. Mandatory forms and modules must be completed in their profile prior to coming onsite for placement. A temporary student badge, network username, and password will be provided for use on the first day.

Lockers and ID Badges

Lockers and ID badges will be provided on your first day with your faculty advisor. Students are required to wear both a school identification badge and an Oak Valley Health identification card at all times.

Precepted Students

Students are required to complete onboarding requirements after receiving a registration email form MSHNirvsystem. Register for a mandatory orientation session prior to starting clinical placement. Available dates are in the event calendar of your online registration. During the session, you will receive your network information.

You are required to wear both a school identification badge along with your temporary Oak Valley Health student badge at all times. Lockers are arranged with your unit preceptor.

Faculty Instructors

New faculty instructors must attend a mandatory faculty orientation session offered once each semester (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.; date will be listed on HSPnet). Anyone who does not attend the orientation will not be permitted to teach onsite.

Any faculty instructors who are current Oak Valley Health staff or who have taught onsite within the last year are not required to attend the orientation.

Please schedule a time to pick up badges by email:


Faculty instructors are required to email locker requests at least two weeks prior to the start date with a list of names including gender, to Please include dates required.