If your child is age four to 12 and coming to the hospital for surgery, our Dr. Bear Preadmission Program can offer them psychological preparation and support. This can help reduce their stress associated with hospitalization and surgery. In keeping with our family-centred care philosophy, the Dr. Bear Program involves both children and parents.

What is involved with the Dr. Bear Program?

The Dr. Bear Preadmission Program provides you and your child the opportunity to identify and express feelings. The program offers a hands-on exploration of commonly used medical equipment and a tour of the operating and recovery rooms. Hospital clinical staff will be in attendance to meet you and your child, answer questions, and address your concerns associated with surgery.

What else should you know about the Dr. Bear Program?

In order to focus individual attention on your child who is having surgery, we are unable to invite siblings to the Dr. Bear Program. Only one adult per child is welcome to attend.

Use the ‘I’m Thirsty’ drinking game tool we provide to encourage drinking fluids after surgery. (Please remember – no drinks/food before surgery.)