Check out this mother-daughter dynamic duo!

Teresa Givelas, Patient Care Manager, Outpatient Mental Health and Nicola Wong, Clinical Extern Nursing Student.

“I never in my wildest dreams thought that one day I could have lunch in my office with my child, who is also working here,” says Teresa. “I am so happy for Nicola, I see the passion she has for nursing and for helping people.”

Nicola finished her second year Registered Nursing program at Queen’s University, and works at Oak Valley Health’s Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH) in the Transitional Care Unit, during her summers.

MSH is familiar to Nicola, having been born at the hospital, joining mom on take your kid to work day, and volunteering at the organization over the years.

“I feel very supported and accepted when I am working at the hospital, even though I am a student,” says Nicola. “The staff show me, watch me and have a level of trust that I am grateful for and has greatly impacted my learning.”

Nicola credits the culture and the patients to such a great working environment.

“Growing up, my mom would share positive stories about Markham Stouffville Hospital, and encouraged me to find meaningful work,” says Nicola.

“It’s no surprise I was excited and inspired to work here,” says Nicola.

When the pandemic hit, Nicola was finishing grade 12 but knew she wanted to help. At the time, she worked at Participation House, helping residents during an extremely difficult time.

“Seeing and listening to my daughter share her unique perspective as a nurse, especially during the pandemic has been eye-opening and I am so proud of the professional she is turning into,” says Teresa.

Teresa also started at MSH as a student in 1994, and has been working at the organization since 1995 as a social worker and later as Patient Care Manager.

“I have such a passion for our clients, every day is new, interesting and challenging,” says Teresa. “I’ve always been interested in growing and trying new things.