Each year, as part of the Excellent Care for All Act (2010) all hospitals publicly post quality improvement plans to the provincial government to track improvement performance across the system. QIPs provide a meaningful way for Oak Valley Health to show our accountability to our community, patients, and staff. Our QIP is focused on creating a positive patient experience and delivering high-quality health care. With this plan, you will see our targeted areas for improvement and our progress.

“Oak Valley Health’s 2023/24 QIP was developed and informed through consultation with our staff, professional staff, PEPs, volunteers, students, and community members to identify areas of focus,” explains Michelle Samm, director, quality, patient safety, patient relations and experience, IPAC.

Each area of focus on the QIP is overseen by a cross-functional team that includes people from several areas within the organization, including an executive sponsor from our senior leadership team and an operational leader. This cross-functional team will support the improvements associated with each area of focus. Having a group dedicated to each area of focus allows us to ensure progress and accountability.

This year, our areas of focus are:

Alternate Level of Care:

We will improve the transition for patients from hospital, to the most appropriate level of care.


We will design and implement interventions to reduce falls with injury.

Patient Communication:

We will implement innovative ways to improve communication between patients and providers.

Time to Inpatient Bed:

We will streamline the process for admitted patients in the Emergency Department waiting to be transferred to an inpatient bed.

Workplace Violence Prevention:

We will develop interventions to improve staff safety and reduce incidents of workplace violence.  

To learn more about the 2023/24 Quality Improvement Plan, please click here.