We are so excited to have launched rapid artificial intelligence (AI) software, called the Automated CT Perfusion Software for acute ischemic stroke last month.

The rapid AI software is integrated with the CT scan images of the brain and shows where blood flow blockages have occurred. The perfusion software allows radiologists to quickly identify and almost quantify the amount of salvageable brain in patients who are having an acute stroke. If there is more salvageable brain, the faster the patient is able to get treatment. 

The launch of this software is a multi-program success – Diagnostics Services, Emergency Department, and the Medicine Stroke team, and according to Dr. Mitesh Mehta, Chief of Diagnostic Imaging, “There is no doubt that this perfusion software will let us save brains at risk of death and in doing so, profoundly improve the lives of stroke patients and their families.”

What makes this even more special is that the software purchase was made possible through a donation to Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH) Foundation from former patient care director Carol Cameron and her family.

So far, the software has been used on five patients. Fortunately, all of their scans were normal. We are so grateful for the donation to the MSH Foundation!