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As hospitals continue to focus their attention on patient safety, preventing infections, and caring for the community, the contributions environmental services (EVS) professionals make to health care becomes more valuable each year. In addition to keeping the organization clean and free of hazards, EVS personnel are vital to providing an extraordinary patient experience.

Their dedication to keeping all areas of the organization clean and day-to-day contact with patients has a central impact on how the hospital’s function. And, as we continue the fight against COVID-19, a spotlight is being shown on the front line role EVS professionals play.

In appreciation of EVS department’s valuable contributions, the Canadian Healthcare Housekeepers’ Association recognized EVS staff from across the country for their on-going commitment and contributions to the overall well-being of organizations.

Oak Valley Health’s very own Debbie Conroy, Hospitality Associate at Uxbridge Hospital is one of the only in the Greater Toronto area to win this inaugural award.

“It’s no surprise Debbie was awarded for her leadership on the front line,” says Nicole Cheeseman, Supervisor, Support Services, and Plant Maintenance at Oak Valley Health. “Her pride shines through her dedication to keeping the hospital in top shape, along with day-to-day interactions with patients and her peers, she is a pleasure to work with.”

Debbie has worked at Oak Valley Health for six years, and in this time has demonstrated amazing leadership qualities, taking charge in sometimes difficult situations, her peers turn to her for guidance and support.

“Receiving this award was very humbling. It felt really good to be appreciated for the work I’m doing – which of course wouldn’t be possible without my amazing team!”

Living in Stouffville, Debbie is truly part of the community, working so close to home and alongside a fantastic team are key aspects to her enjoyable work environment.

“My co-workers are like my extended family,” says Debbie. “It doesn’t matter what department you work in, we have each others backs. No matter what happens in a day, we get through it with a smile on our face.”