International Women’s Day 2022

Every year, International Women’s Day (IWD) recognizes the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and serves as a time to promote gender equity. To honour the day, Natalie Rampersad, Procurement Specialist at Oak Valley Health shares her IWD message and how she has felt empowered throughout her career at the organization.

In 2015, Natalie started working at Oak Valley Health’s Markham Stouffville Hospital in the Executive Office. When a new and exciting opportunity arose within the organization in 2020, she did not hesitate to apply. At seven months pregnant, Natalie pursued a new role, within the procurement department. She was the best candidate for the job and was hired. Natalie is back now and she is loving and thriving in her role. “Never for a second having to compromise between motherhood and my career aspirations was refreshing, inspiring and will impact my career positively for years to come,” says Natalie.

“I am proud to work for leaders that see my potential and an organization that supports the career development of women.”

Today and every day, Oak Valley Health wants to thank all the inspiring women in health care who contribute to the well-being of our patients, families, colleagues, and community. Natalie is an example of so many strong women with similar stories – actively leaning in and making choices – and her message for International Women’s day is to “seize every opportunity that crosses your path, treat everyday as a defining moment in your life. Be brave, be outspoken, and be part of the conversation, even if it’s controversial. There is strength is setting boundaries, accept less criticism and be persistent on the development of more solutions.”