Ready, Set, Recruit

Celebrating her fifth anniversary with Oak Valley Health, Rebecca Sergeant, senior recruitment specialist, Human Resources, has carved out a career for herself.

“I’ve had the opportunity to grow my career here at Oak Valley Health, while learning from everyone on my team as well as staff and management throughout the organization,” says Rebecca.

If you’ve ever applied for a role at Oak Valley Health, you may have heard Rebecca’s voice on the other end of a phone call. She is regularly communicating with candidates and managers about job opportunities, and finding the best candidates for the role. With a very big and busy portfolio, Rebecca’s “typical” day includes managing current job opportunities, answering staff inquiries, and advising external applicants. She also walks new hires through the interview, offer, and onboarding process.

“As one of the first people candidates interact with when applying to the organization, I try to give them the best impression possible. I always enjoy learning why they want to work here.”

Rebecca credits her amazing team and on-going learning to her positive outlook and work environment.

“I am inspired through my work in trying to find the best people to support our staff and patients in providing quality care for our community,” says Rebecca. “Also seeing the development of staff; I have hired students as externs who have since moved into nursing and allied health roles, or internationally educated nurses who started here as patient support assistants who are now working as nurses. It’s incredible and puts a huge smile on my face seeing team members grow in their careers and progress into the roles they dreamed of having.”

Outside of work, Rebecca is usually enjoying her time outdoors – at the cottage, hiking, gardening, and travelling. You may also catch her on Instagram – but not for herself – as her Australian Sheppard puppy, Millie.

“I am always trying to get her to be the next famous puppy model,” laughs Rebecca. “Agility training is next!”

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