Leader in the Office and on the Ice

Meet Kelsey Missons, a dedicated Information Technology (IT) professional with more than 17 years of experience at Oak Valley Health. Her journey started working overnights as a registration clerk in the Emergency Department and after completing the College of Health Information Management course, Kelsey knew she found her niche and passion in IT.

Collaborating with members throughout the interdisciplinary teams across the organization gives Kelsey a unique perspective on each individual’s task requirements, which she strives to meet and help resolve.

“The best part of working at Oak Valley Health are the people I get to work with, and the variety of problems we solve together,” says Kelsey. “Our department has so many amazing people who come together to solve issues brought to us by team members across the organization.”

“I get so much satisfaction working in a team environment and I love the fact that the work I do behind the scenes, plays a vital role in all the patient facing care Oak Valley Health provides.”

Starting in 2005, and moving her way through the organization, Kelsey has landed in the IT department supporting the registration module in MEDITECH (electronic health record system), and finance modules, while co-supporting community wide scheduling. This includes scheduling for physicians, clinicians, and clinics as part of her daily routine.

Kelsey was part of the SHINE (Shared Health Information Network Exchange) upgrade in 2018, and has continued to work with partner hospitals to integrate and collaborate in making MEDITECH a seamless experience for staff and patients.

Joining Oak Valley Health’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, and making spaces more inclusive is a huge inspiration for Kelsey.

“Introducing patient pronouns to MEDITECH inspires me to continue to work and make inclusivity a priority for everyone.”

When Kelsey isn’t busy leading large scale IT projects, or advocating for inclusivity, you can find her enjoying a cup of tea “while marveling at the view by the lake” with her family or coaching ringette to young athletes.

“A big source of motivation is the young athletes that I coach,” says Kelsey. I love to be a part of their development supporting them as they begin to develop resilience and leadership skills, and watching them learn to achieve their goals through a sport we both love. This is something that I take with me to work each day.”

“I get a great amount of joy, and satisfaction helping to build confidence and resilience in young athletes, seeing them develop into confident young people is a constant source of pride for me.”

Competitive and fierce are two words you could use to describe Kelsey.

“I like to win and will work as hard as I can to achieve this.”

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