We are PHAMily

A pharmacist’s role in a hospital might appear straightforward. Assess patients and dispense any drugs that are deemed necessary by the physicians, right? Certainly not.

While the delivery of medication is a major part of the job, the role extends far beyond this, as they are seen as a core member of the hospital team, when it comes to delivering patient care.

As a pharmacist for more than a decade at Oak Valley Health, Jessica Tsang continues growing and learning each and every day. In 2012, Jessica started as an intern, was hired as a clinical pharmacist shortly after and is now the resource pharmacist.

“I’ve seen the pharmacy grow immensely in the last 10 years, from moving, the implementation of automation and process improvements, explosion of pharmacy services, and the addition of so many spectacular members of our PHAMily!” says Jessica.

Although no two days are the same, Jessica is regularly reviewing concerns from quality huddles, promoting initiatives, looking at gaps in processes relating to medication, quality improvement, continuous auditing, and providing feedback and support to units and departments.

It Takes a Village

If you’ve ever stepped foot in Oak Valley Health’s Pharmacy department, you automatically feel a sense of community, and as you look around you can tell it’s a well-oiled machine.

“Being part of such an amazing Pharmacy team, watching everyone work together, support each other, and always find ways to improve is so rewarding,” says Jessica. “I love how we use challenges as an opportunity to grow.”

One source of inspiration for Jessica is the drug utilization evaluation pharmacists. “They are such a wealth of knowledge!” exclaims Jessica. “They take all of my concerns seriously, wear so many hats in the department, and are always very patient.”

When Jessica isn’t busy educating, and providing resources to fellow colleagues across the organization, you’ll find her experiencing something new, exciting, and outside the box, or spending time with her daughter.

“Before my daughter, I went sky diving, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, completed a century ride (cycling), and ran a marathon,” says Jessica. “Now it’s all about my daughter; time spent with her beats any trip or activity!”