Touching lives with care and compassion

Amidst the bustling hallways and corridors at Markham Stouffville Hospital, there is a chance you’ll meet Gurleen Singh, a dedicated and passionate registered nurse working in the Childbirth and Children’s Services (CCS) float pool. She started her journey with Oak Valley Health in April 2021 as a unit observer on the med/surg units. In just one month, she swiftly transitioned to a clinical extern position where she found her calling in maternal and neonatal care.

Every day for Gurleen is different and filled with tender moments guiding new parents through the delivery and recovery process. From conducting head-to-toe assessments of mothers and babies, to assisting with feeding plans, ambulating patients after Caesarian sections, administering medications, attending deliveries and codes, and doing newborn blood work and critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) screenings, Gurleen does everything with a gentle and reassuring touch.

image of Gurleen Singh, an oak valley health staff member at markham stouffville hospital posing at the stairs nearby the lower link lobby

“At Oak Valley Health, what I cherish most is the work environment and positive energy among my colleagues. Every shift, I look forward to seeing everyone and working cohesively to deliver the best care to our patients. The people here are kind and hardworking and they never fail to bring a smile to my face even in challenging times,” says Gurleen.

Gurleen’s commitment to delivering consistent and high-quality care to her patients does not go unnoticed. Gurleen’s manager shares: “Gurleen shines as a dedicated member of our team, providing exceptional care to postpartum families and neonates in the NICU. Her compassion creates a safe and welcoming environment for the families during one of the most precious but also challenging times, making her truly inspiring.”

It wasn’t just the clinical duties that fueled Gurleen’s passion, the energy and enthusiasm among her colleagues and the shared sense of purpose make each day at Oak Valley Health a meaningful journey for her. Gurleen is the perfect testament to the compassion and unwavering spirit of patients and their families.

When she is not working, Gurleen loves getting lost in a good book, taking leisurely walks with her dog, and spending quality time with family and friends. With a deep passion for art, she aspires to launch her own crafts business in the future.

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