Faham Rashid is a Senior Director of Risk Management at CIBC covering capital markets. His banking career started more than a decade ago in Canada, following a stint in healthcare. His expertise includes technology and digital transformation, risk and quality management, business process improvement, and change management.

Faham and his family are patrons of Oak Valley Health and he is passionate about seeing positive change in this important institution to help it match the expectations of the patients and broader community it serves. In particular, in the post-pandemic period, as patient demand rises and becomes more diversified, it is crucial for Oak Valley Health to evolve its services, quality, and expanded healthcare delivery.

Faham is a father of three, and has lived in the Markham area for more than a decade. He and family enjoy the local natural attractions of York Region, the cosmopolitan nature of the City of Markham, and the close-knit ethnic communities who live in harmony in the area and support the long-term development of this important part of the GTA.