Dr. Gordon D. Ko is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation with a subspecialty in pain medicine. He is medical director, Fibromyalgia Physiatry Clinics and adjunct lecturer at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto and the Canadian Centre for Integrative Medicine. In the latter, he leads an interdisciplinary team incorporating functional medicine and EMG/ultrasound-guided injection techniques. His research with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for back pain and Botox injections for knee osteoarthritis made headlines on CTV national news.

Also available on his website (DrKoPRP.com) are peer-reviewed papers including effective neuropathic pain treatment with Omega 3, topical essential oils, medical cannabis, PRP for low back pain and the 2012 Canadian guidelines for fibromyalgia management.

He enjoys teaching through non-profit organizations:

  • Canadian Society for Neurotoxins in Pain (founding co-director/vice-president): Training MDs on Botox for pain
  • Canadian Association for Orthopaedic Medicine (president-elect 2017/2018): Prolotherapy and regenerative stem cell medicine