Requesting your health information

Requesting your health information

Health info

Updated application process for covid-19

Release of information applications will only be accepted via phone or fax. Once a request has been received, the Health Information Office will validate your identity by asking you to provide your health card number and asking a series of security questions. Once your identity has been officially validated we will process the application.

Payment will be processed over the phone and records will be sent by mail or fax.

Contact Information:

Phone: 905-472-7373 ext. 6216
Fax: 905-472-7381

Under Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004, you have the right of access to your own personal health information.

You can access your records of personal health information by completing the following form:


Online portal for requesting medical images

We now offer patients and their families access to their medical imaging records online.

Once you register for access, you can view your entire medical imaging history, share imaging instantly with any physician or even burn your own CD/USB from home. There is a $5 fee at the time of enrollment which includes permanent access to all previous imaging and radiologist reports as well as any new exams you undergo over the following two weeks. You can update your accounts with new Oak Valley Health records anytime for additional $5 fees.

Visit PocketHealth's FAQs to learn more about online access.

Requests for proof of birth/death/admission

For birth, death, and admission letters, please complete the Consent to disclose personal health information form. Fees also apply to obtaining letters; see the fee schedule.

Birth certificate

Oak Valley Health does not issue birth certificates. After a birth, we will provide a Statement of Live Birth (or your midwife). This is a permanent identity record and it is needed to apply for a birth certificate from the Office of the Registrar General. To obtain a birth certificate, please contact the Office of the Registrar General at 1-800-461-2156 or through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website.

Death certificate

Oak Valley Health does not issue death certificates. A Medical Certificate of Death is completed by us and is sent to the funeral home with the deceased. A Statement of Death is completed at the funeral home and the death is registered with the Office of the Registrar General. To obtain a death certificate, please contact the Office of the Registrar General at 1-800-461-2156 or through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website.

Quick facts

The right of access applies to a record that is primarily about you.

If the record is not primarily about you, access rights extend only to that portion that is about you.

Access rights do not apply to quality of care or quality assurance records, research information, or raw data from standardized tests.

You will be given full access unless one of the following applies to part or all of the record:

  • A legal privilege
  • Another law prohibits disclosure
  • The information was collected or created for a proceeding, inspection, or investigation that has not been concluded
  • Access could result in serious harm to treatment, recovery, or result in risk of serious bodily harm to the person or another person
  • Access may identify a person who was required by law to provide information in confidence or who provided information in confidence
Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee for requesting a copy of my own health record?

Yes. If you require a copy of your personal health information, there is an administrative fee of $30 for the first 20 pages and $0.25 per hard copy page or $0.50 per microfiche page thereafter.

I need my records urgently. Is it possible to speed up the process?

Yes. We can fast track your request for personal health information for an additional STAT fee of $200 in addition to the routine administration fee. These requests can be ready for release within two business days.

Why do you require my consent before releasing my personal health information?

Personal health information is highly confidential and cannot be released without proper consent by the patient. A written consent provides documented proof of the permission to release records.

Where do I go to access my personal health information?

When you are a patient at Oak Valley Health, you should ask your health care provider for information that you want to know. If your request is not covered by the information available to the attending health care provider, you will be referred to the Health Information Management Department.

After you have left Oak Valley Health, you will need to contact the Health Information Management Department to obtain copies or to view your health record.

The Health Information Management Department will ask you to present the proper form of identification (photo ID) in order for you to access your record.

My child’s birth was never registered and I need to provide proof to the government. What can Oak Valley Health do to help me?

The Health Information Management Department can prepare a Proof of Birth Letter for a $30 charge. We can also prepare Proof of Visit/Admission and Proof of Death letters for the same fee, if needed. These letters require a completed consent.

Can my family physician access my personal health information?

Yes. If your family physician is listed in your electronic health record, he/she will be provided copies of key reports, i.e., labs, diagnostic imaging, and sometimes dictated notes.

Will the Oak Valley Health disclose my personal health information to companies or to my employer?

Oak Valley Health requires your consent or a court order to disclose your personal health information to any organization or person not directly involved with the provision of patient care.

Does Oak Valley Health share my information with anyone who asks?

Oak Valley Health may share some of your information with health care providers at other hospitals or long-term care facilities who are actively involved in providing health care to you. Also, they may provide this information to agencies for the purposes of payment such as OHIP, extended healthcare insurance companies, WSIB, and the Ministry of Health.

Can all Oak Valley Health staff access my health record?

Only those health care professionals directly involved in providing care to you may access your personal health information. Other staff members in other areas of the hospital who are not involved in your health care may have access to your personal health information for the purposes of managing billing claims.

What if some of the information in my personal health record is incorrect?

If you believe your record of personal health information is not as accurate or complete as necessary, please submit a completed Request for Correction to Personal Health Information form to the Release of Information Department at Oak Valley Health. We have 30 days to respond.