Self Check-In

Self Check-In

self check-in options on phone and kiosk

Oak Valley Health offers you more ways to register. In an effort to ensure our diverse communities have options on how they want to register, Oak Valley Health's Markham Stouffville Hospital has made it easy by offering registration over the phone, through mobile check-in, in-person, and now with on-site kiosks.


The kiosks will allow patients to register for all areas of the hospital, except for Outpatient Mental Health, Early Pregnancy Assessment, OBS Triage, AMU Triage, Maternal and Fetal Medicine, Early Discharge Program, blood work and x-rays, Clinic 4 - Surgical Clinic, Clinic 5 - Orthopaedic Joint Assessment Centre (OJAC); and all surgeries, as they require patients to register differently.

You will find registration kiosks located at Markham Stouffville Hospital’s Cancer Centre, main lobby, and upper link lobby.

The registration kiosks have our top spoken languages available (traditional and simplified Chinese, Tamil, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, and French) and will provide patients with wayfinding directions to their appointment in the near future.


Self check-in uses a mobile app called Convey that allows you, the patient, to register for select appointments using your smartphone.

The app features:

  • Appointment reminders: Receive a notification reminding you about your appointment.
  • Pre-registration: Confirm and pre-register for your appointment directly from the app on your smartphone up to 24 hours in advance of your appointment time.
  • Self check-in: Complete your registration by checking in on the app once you have arrived at the hospital.
  • Way-finding: Get directions to your appointment destination inside the hospital.

Download the Convey app from the App Store or on Google Play and visit the registration desk to let them know you would like to sign up.

download-on-the-app-store-badge.png Google-Download.png

Self check-in is currently available for appointments at Markham Stouffville Hospital, including in the fracture clinic and for select appointments in the Diagnostic Imaging Department (mammography, bone density, ultrasound).

If you experience any difficulties using Convey to check-in please call 905-472-7393 to register over the phone when you arrive.

Mobile instructions

  1. When booking your appointment we will ask you if you consent to receiving text messages. Only patients providing consent will be able to use Self Check-In.
  2. You will receive a text message 3 days before your appointment that includes a Facility Code and a unique PIN #.
  3. Download the Convey app using one of the links above. Use the Facility Code and PIN # to log-in.
  4. 24 hours before your appointment you will receive a text message alert that registration is now open for your appointment.
  5. Open the Convey app and click “Confirm” on your appointment. You will be asked to confirm your demographics. If you need to change your demographics you’ll be asked to call us to finish registering when you arrive.
  6. Please arrive at the hospital 15 minutes before your appointment. Once you arrive, open the Convey app again to let us know you’re here by checking in by using the “I’m Here” button or checking in using the QR code at the main entrance.
  7. Once checked-in you will receive instructions to go through main entrance screening and directions to your clinic.

Mobile support

I’ve downloaded the Convey app but do not have a hospital code – where can I find this?

If you have not been provided with a hospital code for the app then your clinic is not yet supported for mobile pre-registration and self check-in.

What if I do not have my location services turned on?

A QR code is available to scan at the main entrance to complete your registration. 

What if I have problems with the app?

If you encounter any difficulties while using the app, please review the support page on the app. You can also call 905-472-7393 when you arrive to register with one of our staff over the phone.

What if I made some changes to my personal information?

Most information changes are allowed in Convey, but some changes may require you to speak to a registration staff member on the phone or in person.

 I never received a text to sign up when my appointment was booked. Can I still use the self check-in?

Your appointment may not have self check-in capabilities at this time. When booking your next appointment, ask our staff about what your registration options are and if self check-in is available.

Mobile FAQs

Is self check-in available for all patients?

No, self check-in is only for patients in eligible outpatient clinics and diagnostics services, and who have provided their cell phone number and consent to the hospital. Walk-in visits cannot use self check-in.

How will I know if I can self check-in for my appointment?

Eligible patients will receive a text message with an invitation to download the Convey app (available at the App Store or Google Play). Once installed, you can pre-register for your appointment through the app up to 24 hours before your appointment.

How does the Convey app work?

Once you have pre-registered on Convey, the app uses your cell phone’s GPS or you can scan an onsite QR code to finalize your check-in when you arrive at the hospital for your appointment.

What happens after I have checked in?

Once the app has received notification that you have checked in, either via GPS signal or by scanning the QR code, you will receive directions via the app to get to your appointment location inside the hospital. Your health card will be verified by our staff and you will receive a hospital armband at your clinic/destination.

Do I need to have a cell phone to use self check-in? What if I have a tablet?

To be able to self check-in, you must have a smartphone that can receive text messages and can download the Convey app. You cannot use a tablet. Please make sure we have your cell phone number correctly on file. If you need to update your cell phone number, login to your Patient Connect account and select ‘Profile’, then ‘Update Profile’ and ensure your cell phone number is correct and set as your Primary Phone Number. This change will take 48 hours to take effect. Please continue to register over the phone by calling 905-472-7393 if your appointment is within this time period.

Can I register for all of my appointments at the hospital through this app?

Some types of appointments might not be available for self check-in. If you have an appointment that is not listed in Convey, follow the instructions provided at the time of booking and phone 905-472-7393 to register with a staff member over the phone when you arrive at the hospital. You can also review this on our website at

My child has an appointment, can I self check-in for them?

Self check-in is currently only available for patients 14 years of age and older. For patients under the age of 14, please register over the phone by calling 905-472-7393.

How is my privacy protected?

This application has the same privacy protections as other systems within the hospital.

  • We ensure your privacy and right to use this functionality with the following steps: We only send text messages when the patient has provided a cell phone number and consent to receive messages for official hospital business.
  • Your consent can be revoked at any time by contacting or visiting registration.
  • We only include the minimum amount of relevant information in the text message to provide your information.
  • Only staff that need to access the information to support your appointment registration process are able to do so.

If you have concerns at any time about the privacy of your information, you can contact the Office of Access and Privacy to register a concern or complaint:

Telephone: 905-472-7373 ext 2183

More information can be found at