Patient Information during COVID-19

Patient Information during COVID-19


When you come for care, you will experience new precautions and processes that have been put in place with your safety in mind.  
This includes:  

  • Screeners at the entrances 
  • Essential visitor policy in place
  • Expanded cleaning of high touch surfaces 
  • Anyone who enters the building will be asked to wear a mask, perform proper hand hygiene (clean their hands) regularly and practice social distancing
  • Care may be provided using alternative methods, like virtual care, where possible  

Our top priority is to make sure everyone – patients and staff – is safe when they come to our sites. Work is ongoing and continues to strike the balance between slowly starting scheduled care and continuing to be ready for however the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. 

Patients that cannot make their scheduled appointment must reschedule or cancel with the appropriate member of their care team. This will ensure other patients who are waiting for an appointment can also be seen in a timely fashion. 

Entering the hospital

In order to maintain the health and safety of our patients and staff at both the Markham and Uxbridge sites we have implemented the following entry restrictions and enhanced screening precautions.

Everyone coming through the open entrances will be screened for signs and/or symptoms of respiratory illness. This means that everyone who enters the building will be asked a set of questions by screeners each time they enter. If you have an appointment at the hospital, please arrive early to give yourself time to go through the screening process.

Markham site:

Entrance Access Hours
Main entrance Patients and authorized support person/essential visitor 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.
After 8 p.m., use Emergency Department doors
Emergency Department (ED) entrance

ED specific patients and support person(s)


Non-emergency patients and essential visitors

24 hours


8 p.m. – 6 a.m.

Oncology entrance Closed Closed

Uxbridge site:

Entrance Access Hours
Main entrance All patients and essential visitors  (Emergency Department, Diagnostic Services and Med/Surg Unit) 
24 hours
Emergency Department (ED) entrance Ambulances only Closed

Delivering essential patient belongings

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are discouraging the practice of having items such as, but not limited to flowers, personal belongings and food brought into the hospital.

However we recognize there are some essential items that may support and comfort our patients. With this in mind, we will permit the delivery of specific essential items. 

The items that will be accepted include:

  • Essential “bedside basics” for patients (i.e., walkers, hearing aids, mobile devices, phone chargers, toiletries etc.)
  • Food that is culturally required and not provided by our food services and food that is part of a patient’s care plan 

 Items must be able to be wiped for disinfecting purposes or be in a bag or container that can be wiped and disinfected upon arrival at the hospital. 

NOTE: This applies to patients that are not COVID positive or suspected COVID positive.