Gerry Clarkson had ovarian cancer.

With her husband, Tom, by her side Gerry began chemotherapy at Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH). The couple soon discovered the Chemotherapy Clinic was a place of incredible hope and compassion. “We’ve always been impressed with the people who work in the Clinic,” says Tom. “Everyone has absolutely always been 100 per cent.”

Tom is especially grateful to Dr. Mateya Trinkaus, Gerry’s oncologist. From the beginning, Dr. Trinkaus has consistently gone the extra mile to provide expert care.

“We had emails from Dr. Trinkaus at night answering questions we raised during the day. She called our house personally to see how a treatment had affected Gerry,” says Tom. “Dr. Trinkaus is a gem. I can’t overestimate how good she is.”

If you ask Dr. Trinkaus, she’ll tell you it’s a privilege to treat patients during what are often the most frightening, physically taxing and vulnerable moments of their lives.

“As a physician, I have the opportunity to help shape cancer care in this growing community,” says Dr. Trinkaus. “The leading inspiration for all the advances we’ve seen in the Chemotherapy Clinic is our patients. We owe them a heartfelt thank you.”

Our thoughtful supporters are an inspiration too. Your generosity has helped transform the experience for those who are receiving cancer treatment at MSH.

Being treated for cancer is not a happy position to be in but we were looked after in the best possible way at Markham Stouffville Hospital.” – Tom Clarkson

Every year, thousands of patients and families access not only the expert health care but the compassionate psychosocial care they need throughout their cancer journey. And, our team of four oncologists is committed to growing our educational, palliative and clinical trials programs.

“There’s never been a better time to be an oncologist,” says Dr. Trinkaus. “New targeted treatments and better attention to cancer prevention and survivorship have led us to improve the quality of patients’ lives, and ultimately increased the chance of a cure.”

In appreciation of the first-class cancer care Gerry was able to receive, the couple made a generous donation to MSH in honour of Dr. Trinkaus and the team. “The donation is to recognize everyone associated with the road we’ve been on,” says Tom.

Tom hopes their story will inspire others to give and has issued a challenge to generous supporters: to match their donations, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000. “It’s easy to come to a place like MSH and appreciate the care you receive,” says Tom. “Today I encourage you to take the next step and think about how everything comes together – the expertise of the staff, the equipment and technology. Think about what you can do to help ensure that the next person who comes here receives the same first-class care and treatment.”