Educational events in our community

We are proud to provide our community with information that supports them in leading healthy, active lives. We want to help prevent injuries and support mental health and conditions that may affect their day-to-day lives. Here are some of the events we sometimes provide:

  • Joint health information session – information about healthy knee and hip joints, exercises and tips for an active lifestyle, and how to manage chronic joint pain
  • Mental health events – educational day focused on mental health and addictions including opioids and marijuana; we also supported women’s health with an event about hormones and mental health
  • Adult diabetes sessions – information about how to live with diabetes, including label reading, heart health and resistance exercises, with some sessions in Cantonese, Urdu and Hindi
  • Swan Lake seniors’ residential events – presentations about cardiac health and men’s health
  • Pregnancy and beyond sessions – information on how to stay healthy during pregnancy, how to select a childbirth care provider, and how to care for newborns