Nursing & allied health students

Nursing & allied health students

Markham Stouffville Hospital accommodates clinical student placements each year from various professions with affiliated colleges and universities within Ontario. We are committed to educate students that will one day work with our interprofessional teams at our Markham or Uxbridge site.

Students interested in a placement at our Markham or Uxbridge site must work with their affiliated school’s program administrator/placement coordinator to facilitate a request.

Confirmed students with an assigned preceptor are still required to have their program administrator/placement coordinator contact us to ensure you receive orientation prior to commencing your placement.

Confidentiality and privacy

All students and faculty advisors/instructors with IT access are required to complete and submit an IT security acknowledgement form as well as an MSH confidentiality form prior to receiving passwords.

Parking information

Markham site: Students may purchase parking at the Markham site’s staff rate. Alternatively, you may choose to pay the daily rate and park in the visitors’ parking lot.

Uxbridge site: Students assigned to the Uxbridge site may park free of charge. The required parking tag is available at the Uxbridge site from the manager of support services. Please hang the tag from your rearview mirror for the duration of your clinical placement and return the tag on your final day of clinical placement.

For interprofessional education assistance, contact:

Education Coordinator