“I am proud of working in Plant Maintenance, at Oak Valley Health’s Markham Stouffville Hospital and Uxbridge Hospital, with a dedicated team of maintenance guys, mechanics, assistant mechanics, electricians, plumbers, refrigeration mechanics and a painter. These guys are hard working and are dedicated to the needs of the hospital.”

Warm, kind, knowledgeable and unassuming are all words that come to mind when you meet Allan Kelly, Manager of Energy and Infrastructure but when Allan sees the need for change he is driven to get it done and done right. Allan and his team have worked tirelessly to turn Oak Valley Health’s Markham Stouffville Hospital into a leader in energy efficiency, winning numerous awards along the way. Enormous water savings from changing the cooling systems, energy savings from updating to LED lights and changing the fan schedules. These types of innovations have saved the hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars each year while helping to make the community and the planet healthier.

In the infrastructure part of his portfolio, Allan makes a strong point of building relationships with teams across both Oak Valley Health’s Markham Stouffville and Uxbridge hospitals. Working closely with the different teams including Support Services and Redevelopment is crucial. Allan recognizes that “what they build, I will maintain”, so he takes the time to learn his buildings from the ground up. Infrastructure has become a bigger part of Allan’s portfolio with the redevelopment of Oak Valley Health’s Uxbridge hospital and he spends two day each week in Uxbridge.

That pride shows in his work. Allan genuinely enjoys his job. He is passionate about energy savings and loves to hear new ideas and strategies from the team and works hard to put those plans into action. He knows every dollar saved on energy is invested back into health care service provided at the hospital. He shares with his team how vital they are to the extraordinary patient experience because when they find innovative ways to save money, those dollars go back in the budget and may be used to hire a nurse or a new environmental services team member, which means improved patient care. Allan lives the hospital mission of honoured to care.

Allan’s skills in infrastructure and the environment also guide his life outside of the hospital where he loves to garden and do handiwork projects around his home. Taking walks with his wife and his dog and having the chance to skype with his family to see his new granddaughter in Thunder Bay are the best parts of each weekend.