Current needs

Current needs

Please consider supporting Uxbridge Hospital Foundation today. 

Your support is always appreciated and your contribution to the Foundation will ensure that the staff and physicians at Uxbridge Hospital are equipped to provide high quality care for patients and their families.

“While a new hospital facility is our ultimate goal for this community, we also must ensure we are taking the steps necessary to provide the best possible care today. This is why investments in medical equipment and technology are critical. By giving our team the latest-and-greatest tools, we can keep our hospital and the care we provide up to pace with the innovations taking place at larger, urban hospitals.” - Sandi Lofgren, Patient Care Director, Uxbridge Hospital

Program area

Name of item

2022/23 Amount

Emergency Department Stryker Stretcher $5,894
Emergency Department Hamilton Ventilator $60,000
Surgical Services Bladder Scanner $20,400
Biomed Physiological Monitors $150,000
Information Technology Server Closet Expansion $80,673
Contingency Funding   $50,000
Total   $366,967